Karma with new owners Sarah & Steve

Karma with new owners Sarah & Steve

We’ve had a whirlwind of adoption announcements to share with you this past month. They’re all special…but this one is especially special. Karma has been adopted.

From the moment we laid eyes on Karma, we knew that this troubled mare truly needed our help. Her past had left her with many scars, both physical and emotional, and she would need a lot of time and patience to learn to trust humans again. Along the way, Karma taught us more than we could ever have imagined about trust and quiet communication. She showed us just how centered and quiet she needed us to be when working around her. And she proved to us that she had a tremendous amount of forgiveness in her heart. With the help of her favorite veterinarian Dr. Fleck, and the many volunteers who cared for her, Karma was transformed. She was finally ready to open her heart to a new life and a new home.

Just over a month ago, Sarah and Steve came to Safe Harbor to meet Karma. They had lost a horse that had been part of their family for years, and ready to try to fill the void she’d left behind. Something about Karma spoke to them, and upon meeting her, they immediately felt a connection to her. Steve and Sarah looked to us to be stellar candidates to adopt from SAFE: they have a beautiful property with plenty of room for horses, and they are clearly devoted to the ones they already have. But ultimately, the decision belonged to Karma. It was her soft eyes, and her calm contentedness that told us that this was a match worth exploring. When Sarah told us they would like to bring her home and introduce her to their horses, we were overjoyed

Karma has spent the last month on trial with her adopters and all reports during the trial were glowing! Karma has been relaxing into her new life and routine. We are pleased to make this adoption final and report that our sweet friend has found a forever family to call her own! Sarah had a few words to share about how Karma is doing at home:

Miss Karma, as we refer to her, is settling in wonderfully and doing quite well. When she first came she was very in tune as to where the other horses were and made sure she was close. Now she is comfortable enough to stay behind when we retrieve them from the lush pasture, forcing us to go get her specifically. She greets us with a nicker and follows Steve away from the other horses to get scratches and attention. She really likes Steve and the feeling is mutual, as he will go out of his way to love on her. It is too cute; of course I have to razz him about another female vying for his affections! — Sarah