Quick update on Aiden, who has now been in training for one month.  He is progressing well, albeit a bit slowly at first.  He got kicked by another horse right after he arrived so he got a delayed start while that healed, and then he turned out to be a bit of a bronc with the saddle.  For two weeks, every time they saddled him up and put him on the lunge line, he would buck like a rodeo horse for several minutes.  He never did it with a rider, but they went slow with him and did a lot of ground driving in the first few weeks.  He has finally turned a corner in his training and decided the saddle isn’t a predator, after all, and is now walking and trotting with a rider in the big arena, off the lungeline.  The trainer reports he remains very sweet and adorable on the ground, but does have a little bit of that Appy stubbornness in him that is gradually lessening.  She also said that Aiden is very brave and confident, and she expects that he will be cantering next week.  I am hoping to get up there next weekend and get some photos and video.