I am Aiden’s current foster mom and I just looked at all of the pictures from when he was brought to SAFE and I need to say, I am amazed at the transformation, all who were involved in his rescue have done an amazing job! He is still such a sweet baby, but has really come out of his shell being where he has lots of room to run and play. He keeps Hawk, his elderly friend moving around far more than Hawk would like to, which is good for Hawk, and since Hawk is mostly deaf now, he has taught Aiden to to worry about loud noises, and even the 4th of July was not a big deal for him!

He got here I think in May, or early June and has really blossomed as far as his conformation, he is really going to have great conformation and a beautiful head, but his best feature is his loving personality! He will come running from wherever he is when I call, and still wants to cuddle, which was really cute when he got here, but now that he is getting bigger we are working on staying out of my space unless I invite him in. He is not pushy, just wants to be loved on, and he learns really quickly. Amy did a great job of enforcing the basics, and he remembers them really quickly with little reminders. I am not as consistent about working with him, but it just takes a few minutes of working him and it all comes back. 

He also has beautiful movement and I think he will be able to go English or western and look adorable doing either one. 

I don’t know if you can tell in the pictures, but his blanket of spots has really come in and for a while this summer I felt like he was getting lighter everyday. He is so adorable, everyone that meets him falls in love. He loves little kids,(Amy had a little girl) and is super gentle with them. He also wants to be friends with my 1 year old puppy, and will touch noses with him, and then they run up and down on opposite sides of the fence, having a great time.

He got a cut on his foot and has been at Dr. Hannah’s new facility for a few weeks for stall rest, and I miss him and can’t wait to have him back. I am hoping maybe this week. The cut needed compression bandages and Dr. Hannah thought is would be best if she could do those for a few weeks, but I think he will be back this week. Dr. Hannah did am amazing job of sewing him up, it was on the top of his foot, and just a gash, should heal up and really just a flesh wound, but it was easier to have him where she could bandage w/o having to come to Carnation. Thanks Dr. Hannah!