It’s been too long since we posted an Aiden update. We moved Aiden to a foster home in Carnation this summer and he has been romping in 10 acres of pasture with his buddy, a 33 year old gelding named Hawk. I hadn’t seen Aiden in some time but last night I stopped by to bring some new blankets for him — he has grown from a size 60 to a size 70 since last winter! He looks fabulous…looks like around 14–14.2h now and quite stout with a lovely head and neck. Gone is the timid, cautious baby I remember, Aiden is now very outgoing and affectionate and wants to be right where you are. He comes running when you call him and absolutely loves people. He’s quite spunky and energetic and when he can’t coerce his aged buddy into play, will just settle for running circles around him.