Alumni volunteer Lisa G recently contacted Diane and has this update on Lucy.

Diane and Lucy made the move to Colorado in early 2023 and, after some adjustment to the new environment, soil, etc, they are both thriving! Diane has found an amazing community there, from her incredible vet and farrier team who helped Lucy transition into shoes while she adjusts to the new locale, to a boarding barn where this lovely 20-year-old Halflinger is absolutely adored — she even had two trainers vying to be the one to work with her!

Diane and Lucy are working with a wonderful trainer at her new barn whose practices and philosophies align directly with Diane’s, and who specializes in training and teaching for safe trail riding on the nearby trails — Diane and Lucy’s riding passion! Diane said Lucy never really liked to canter, and people always told her, ‘Well, she’s a Halflinger, she’ll never want to canter’, but with her trainer, she just floats from the trot to the canter and LOVES it! Diane really feels that the move has deepened her and Lucy’s connection — making such a big change, but still being there together at the end point has been a big source of confidence and comfort for Lucy.

In the summer of 2024, Diane is looking forward to hauling Lucy to some of the local trail systems to explore their new home more, but for now they are riding the trails around their barn and nurturing their (nearly 13 year!) partnership in every way.