SAFE Alumni Update: Lucy

SAFE Alumni Update: Lucy

from Diane: Thought you might like to see a recent photo of my little cutie Lucy while we wait for the virus to ease when you can see her in person.She is such a spunky and loving little lady! Thanks for the work you do! Diane and Lucy

SAFE Alumni at the SAFE Show!

It was so delightful to have six former SAFE horses come out to compete at this year’s SAFE show. We love nothing more than seeing our old friends again, and nothing beats seeing them shine in the show ring! Thanks to these lovely photos by Karen Wegehenkel, you...

Lucy under Saddle!

Lucy has been at our trainer’s for the past month.  They were hoping that she might work out for them as a personal trail horse and to be used in beginner riding lessons.  She’s a little too hot/nervous under saddle to make a good beginner horse, however, so...