Due to sudden life changes, Artie and Ruckus’ owner needed SAFE’s assistance in rehoming them. We commit a lifetime of safety to each and every horse who passes through our care and we picked them up this week.

Artie had many fans before leaving SAFE last summer, so many of the volunteers will be happy to see him peeking out his former shelter window, where he enjoyed flipping his hay bag out to enjoy dinner with a view. Ruckus, having been adopted in 2017, doesn’t have as many fans… YET! However, when everyone gets a peek at his small stature and adorable blue eyed face, his paddock will be sure to become one of the most visited.

The two are settling in nicely and seem to be the best of friends. When fed, they prefer to share one hay bag, even though there are two options. We look forward to reacquainting ourselves with these two cuties and beginning the search for their next lucky adopter.