Atticus was released from the vet hospital last week and was transported to SAFE Harbor Stables. Six weeks post rescue, he is feeling a lot better…in fact the excitement of moving caused him to get quite amped up! He loaded well into the trailer, but was fairly fractious on the ride home, which resulted in him nicking one of his hind fetlocks and bleeding in the trailer…not what you want to see when you open those doors! The wound was pretty superficial, and once he regained his sense of calm, he allowed it to be cleaned without too much fuss.

Atticus is now living in a stall/paddock in the main barn, next door to Kai and with a good view of the six mares that reside in the other two barns. He’s particularly fascinated by the lovely Miss Savannah, and spends his afternoon staring wistfully in her direction. His eyes have taken on a wonderful look of calm contentment, and he seems to be adjusting to the ebb and flow of activity at the barn. He is still dragging his hind toe at the walk, and we are keeping a careful eye on him. We’re hoping that as he continues to gain weight and build back his strength, the toe dragging will diminish. If it doesn’t we may have to do some diagnostic lameness testing to see what is going on in his hind end.

Atticus has been enjoying his play time in the indoor arena, and he had a great time rolling in the sand and exploring his surroundings. The first time he got up from a roll, he had a bit of difficulty standing back up, but the next 4 or 5 times he attempted it, he did just fine. It’s nice to see this sweet old man enjoying himself and feeling more like a normal horse!

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