Baxter got ridden for the first time today by our trainer Andrea Lucianna. He did really well. We put a western saddle on him and he was completely unfazed by the saddling and girthing up. She did a lot of slapping the saddle and jumping up and down on the stirrup and lying over his back and he barely blinked an eye. Once she got on him, he was willing enough, but very green. Leaned on the bit, and didn’t steer well at all. The mares were in the field next to him running around and he was distracted but still paid attention to his rider. He did not buck or rear, but he was a little stubborn about going forward and it took a few slaps with the reins to get him moving forward. He really did very well though, he has probably never been ridden in an arena but probably just trail ridden.

First ride as a SAFE horse