We are so lucky here at SAFE to have a robust and multi-talented group of volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to help us take the best possible care of our horses. One example of this is, Natalie, a certified practitioner of the Masterson Method bodywork technique, recently performing a session with Roy. Roy is a boy who has been through a great lot in his life, especially recently, so this time spent with Natalie was extra meaningful. Thank you very much to Natalie, and here is what she had to say about their time spent together:

Today was my first session with Roy.  He seemed very standoffish as Trela and I entered the paddock, but we stayed by the gate and waited for him to approach us. Curiosity overcame trepidation and he came over and let us halter him.  He has a very quiet way about him and Trela told me his story.  I started with gentle bladder meridian technique at light touch and he immediately started to lick and chew. 

Roy was very receptive to the Masterson Method — he had many L/C (lick and chew) responses as I explored his neck and poll.  He consistently checked in with me and Trela and seemed to take comfort in our presence.  I think we became his “herd”.  

As I worked around his body, noting various bumps, divots, areas that might be sore or have restriction, Roy took opportunities to move until he found the place HE wanted me to work on, and then would stop and look back to see if I understood.  It’s hard as a human to throw away the agenda and follow the horse, but Roy knew what he wanted and we did great work on the neck and withers, and a lot of Hind End points.  His main response was lick and chew. 

Interestingly, he did a lot of swaying back and forth as well as side to side, when I found a good spot.  He LOVED accordions on his belly — in fact, I had to be careful because he started leaning into me and we were afraid he would lose his balance and fall.  He had many moments of dropping his head way down, and rested his head on my shoulder several times doing head up.  I think that must have felt good!”