Brandii and Kitti

Brandii and Kitti

We are just delighted to have another adoption to announce this week! First we bid a happy bon voyage to our dear Charmeon, and now we get to do it again for Miss Brandii Bask! Congratulations to the one and only Kitti Lile who opened a place in her heart and her home for Brandii as a foster mom but decided to make her a permanent addition to the family!

Tie her up with a bow because Brandii Bask is Kitty’s birthday gift from her wonderful husband Bill “Speedy” Lile! Kitti has always said that Speedy makes all her dreams come true! Brandii is now part of a large and loving family that includes two mini horses named Bugsy and Dazzle, and a Doberman named Halsey. Brandii loves her mini friends, especially since they have agreed to let Brandii be in charge and everyone is living together peacefully.

Brandii was initially worried about Halsey, the Doberman…but they are now very friendly with each other.

The entire Lile family!

The entire Lile family!

Kitti loves grooming and doing groundwork with Brandii. They have even handwalked her off the property through the woods to the pipeline trail. She is looking forward to some light arena riding this summer.

Brandii Bask and her friend Ego Afire belonged to a person who could not afford to feed them, so he was walking them up the slopes of Mt Index each day so they could graze there. We first learned about this situation from our farrier, Daphne Jones, who was very worried about the deteriorating condition of the two horses. The owner surrendered them both to SAFE where they were successfully rehabilitated and found to have some under saddle training.

Kitti and Brandii are definitely a pair! Both are dignified ladies who know what they want and know how to get it. We wish them the best of luck together and look forward to many happy updates!