In my time at SAFE, I’ve learned a thing or two about horses. One of the things I learned is that the majority of them love power tools. If you have to fix a fence or drill in some hardware nearby, even the more timid horses will inquire as to what you are up to. But do you know what horses do not really tend to love? Tarps. Big billowy objects that float and flutter and crackle when stepped on. Terrifying for most.

There are several paddocks that get a fair bit of sun during the months here when the sun is actually out. And when it starts to get hot, the lack of shade in some areas can make it so that we say ‘hey, let’s add some shade here!’ This is typically accomplished by hanging up sun shades, a task that, while slightly tedious for the humans, can be downright terrifying for the horses. A giant tarp? In MY paddock? It’s more likely than you think!

Recently, Roy was the recipient of one such sunshade, and he could not have been cooler (ha) about it. His thoughts on the issue ranged from curious to completely indifferent. He made an excellent supervisor for the project, and as a reward was granted another swath of shade. We captured the moment on video to show you what a chill guy our Roy is!