Our darling Darla is looking for her forever home! This sweet mare will melt your heart with just a single look into her big doe eyes.

Darla is going well under saddle, walk trot lope, but will still need an intermediate rider to help support her as she expands her education. Her disposition would benefit from a confident partner, and she would thrive with someone who is looking for a project with a great foundation. Helping Darla find confidence through balance has been instrumental in her journey thus far, and to go to a home with someone who is willing to help her further down this path would be ideal.

She has ventured off property, and has done well when faced with new environments. A hand walk in the park is, well, a walk in the park for Darla. She is currently turned out in a small herd with Esme and Tiva, and the three coexist with little to no drama – she has even been known to share a hay bag with Esme once in a while (but don’t tell her I told you). Under saddle, she is comfortable by herself and also in group settings.

Darla loves naptime in her stall at night, and an occasional carrot treat in her grain pan. In the winter, she turns into a walking marshmallow – you’ll have to be careful not to lose her in the snow. But despite her white coat, she manages to stay relatively clean.. I do say relatively.

Darla snoozing in her comfy stall


Darla is a willing and soft mare who has the potential to be a phenomenal partner for some lucky individual. We have loved watching her blossom from a shy, nervous mare into a sweet girl whose confidence grows by the day. Meeting Ms. Darla for yourself by way of filling out an adoption application is just one click away!

See some footage of Darla from October below: