Great update on Bucky!!  He can be a bit of a woolly mammoth so foster mom Krissy clipped him to make him more comfortable. Doesn’t he look great?

“We are having the best best best time with Buckwheat!  He has a nice new hair cut and is feeling better than ever!  He is spunky and a lot more lively.  We all [yes, the whole family] took a walk down the road this weekend and bucky was so excited, happy and super perky.  It just makes my heart smile.
He is putting on weight and I am very pleased.  I will get pictures to you real soon!  He is trusting me more and more every day – which is awesome…except when I go after him with the fly spray!  Ha!  He cracks me up.”
Thank you Krissy for taking such great care of our old man!