Bucky B Lucky

Bucky B Lucky at the auction house

Bucky B Lucky was born March 21, 2005 in Washington state. A grandson of Seattle Slew, Lucky began his career as a racehorse as a two year old and continued racing until the age of four. In 18 starts at Emerald Downs, he had three wins, four seconds and two third place finishes. He earned a total of $20,115 on the track. His last race was on September 25, 2009 and he reportedly retired after that due to the fact that had been diagnosed with bone chips in his left front ankle.

From that point, Lucky’s whereabouts became somewhat of a mystery — until he turned up in the kill pen at the Enumclaw Sales Pavilion, where he had been quietly dropped off on the day after the monthly horse auction. For Lucky, this would have meant a sure death sentence and a trip to the slaughterhouse had he not been noticed by a rescuer who happened to come by to pick up another horse. A quick check of his lip tattoo revealed his identity, and through the efforts of several people, he ended up at SAFE.

The story of Lucky’s amazing rescue is best told by the person who made it all happen. Click here to visit the Hoofprints on My Heart blog to read the whole story.

Upon his arrival at SAFE, Lucky settled right into his stall and his hay. He seemed quite relaxed and happy to be away from the auction environment, where he got completely beat up by the other horses. He was thin, still wearing racing plates, and had an enlarged and swollen front ankle.