cameo_05_03_13_01In the spirit of celebrating the little things in life, we have a couple of big accomplishments to share with you. Last week, Miss Cameo braved the scary (and admittedly tricky!) little ramp that horses have to walk up and down when leaving and entering the main barn at SAFE Harbor. Brittney worked patiently with her until she was able to do it calmly and safely. This was a very big deal for Cameo and we were very proud of her!

This week, Cameo got to try out the crossties in the main barn, and as you’ll see from the photos below, she was quite successful. Hooray for Cameo and hooray for Brittney for all the time and patience she has put into teaching Cameo the skills that we sometimes take for granted. They are working towards getting started under saddle, and Brittney is taking things at Cameo’s speed, helping her gain confidence and learn the skills that will serve her for the rest of her life.

cameo_05_06_13_02 cameo_05_06_13_01