Caramel is adopted! We have tears of joy with the news that Caramel’s foster mom, Trisha, said Caramel has a permanent home with her family! What an amazing gift this is for SAFE and Caramel. We know she will be forever loved, cared for and accepted for the smart, sensitive mare she is and will always be treated with love and respect.
Cara and her Fall City 40 sister, Hazel, have truly found their perfect match! We can’t wait to see the things these intelligent mares can accomplish with Trisha. All we can say is there a wave a peace knowing they are both in such a good place. Both these mares would have had a very difficult time adopting to the general public. Trisha is an angel for opening her heart and home to these two mares. You can see the feeling is mutual, they both love her as much as she loves them!