My mom went somewhere today to see some people sit on white horses. (Editors note: Honeycutt is referring to the Lipizzaner Stallion performance that took place today.) I was not impressed until she told me about the horse that bucked. This horse was a fine, fine bucker. He did not have anyone sitting on him. His only job was to come out and buck so that people would clap. The white bucking horse was supposed to stand up on his hind legs and then jump up in the air and make an enormous buck. And he did do that! It was a very, very good buck. The white horse tried very very hard.

I think that I will learn how to do the special buck and maybe I can join the white horse show. Then it would be a red horse show, too. That would be good because I think it might be boring to only have white horses to look at. White horses are okay but it’s hard to hide from lions and bears when one is around. That is why the white horses always roll in poo.