SAFE is assisting in the placement of three horses located in Castle Rock WA. These horses are owned by a woman who has been recently diagnosed with cancer who will be starting chemotherapy and radiation therapy later this month. Because of this, her ability to care for these horses will be increasingly limited, and rather than let any harm befall her animals, she has asked for SAFE’s assistance in finding them new homes. Their future well-being means everything to her, and she chose SAFE because of our rigorous screening process for adopters and our commitment to following up on horses we adopt.

These horses all have a great deal of potential for anyone looking for good, young prospects. We could use your help to spread the word about them, and hopefully we will be able to help ease this person’s burden as she faces her battle with cancer.

(L to R) Miah, Blu (not available), Khianna, Shiloh

Click below to visit each horse’s thread and learn more about them.

Miah, 12 year old tri-color Arab/Pinto cross mare

Khianna, 12 year old tri-color Arab/Pinto cross mare

Shiloh, 4 year old tri-color Arab/Pinto/QH cross mare


UPDATE: We’ve had to make the difficult decision to remove Blu from our placement program. Blu has been having some serious behavioral issues that make it unsafe for us to adopt him out at this time. Unfortunately, his owner’s health issues have prevented her from handling him very much and he’s become herdbound, difficult to catch, and dangerous. Until those issues can be addressed, we can’t offer him for adoption.

Buns has also been removed from the placement program but for a happier reason: her owner has decided to keep her. Buns has been with her since birth and she does not want to part with her. If SAFE is able to find new homes for Khianna, Miah and Shiloh, she should be able to manage her remaining herd with assistance from friends and neighbors.