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Photos from the Fall Work Party

Tremendous thanks to everyone who came out to help us get Safe Harbor ready for winter!!

Water, water everywhere!

A thing of beauty!
A thing of beauty!
Something wonderful happened over the weekend at Safe Harbor Stables, something that will have a tremendous impact on the lives of the horses who live there and the volunteers who care for them. To truly understand the scope of this, keep in mind that in the two years we’ve resided at Safe Harbor, we’ve had one…that’s right, ONE…above-ground water spigot to deliver water to the entire property. It’s been two years struggling with long, long hoses and hand carrying buckets in freezing temperatures. But this weekend, that struggle finally came to an end.

Safe Harbor now has four…that’s right, FOUR…brand new frost-free water spigots, strategically placed around the property to easily deliver water to every horse in every barn.

To say that this was a group effort would be an understatement, because so many people worked together to make this possible. It’s pretty amazing how this project came together, but it’s proof that SAFE is blessed by the people who make up our community!

First off, we have to thank Mr. David Baerg of Ralph’s Pump & Well who donated all of the labor and equipment that was needed to install this new watering system. David saved us thousands of dollars in labor costs by doing this work for us, and he did a magnificent job. David, our gratitude to you knows no bounds. We will be thinking warm and happy thoughts about you every time we fill a water trough, spray down a hot, dusty horse, or wash our hands. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

With donated labor, we only had to cover the cost of materials for the water spigot project, and that was made possible by a generous donation from Mr David Freeburg, managing partner of Slab Jack NW. Mr Freeburg’s willingness to help us fund this need was the catalyst that got this project off the ground, turning it from a dream into a reality. When the project came in under budget, Mr Freeburg instructed us to take the unused portion of his donation and use it to pay for the other fencing and graveling projects underway at the farm. David, as we promised when you handed over the check, you are always welcome to stop by Safe Harbor and drink from the hose! You have made a wonderful difference in the lives of our horses and our volunteers, thank you!

We also want to thank Heather Andreini for deciding to celebrate her 40th Birthday by having a work party at SAFE! Heather and her family and friends spent Saturday working on the water project as well as putting up fencing, clearing brush, weed wacking, and making the farm look fantastic. Heather we’re just tickled that you’d choose to spend your birthday making things so much nicer for our horses! And let’s not forget…we would not have had the assistance of David Baerg if not for you…seeing as how he is your brother! You have a wonderful family and a terrific group of friends! Thank you for introducing them to SAFE in such a meaningful way. Happy birthday!!

And finally, a heartfelt thank you to our own Victoria Guy, who was the force behind this incredible project. Victoria, your planning and organization really paid off in a big way! Thank you so much for working so tirelessly to make this happen. And thank you to Debi Shatos for procuring the donated funds we needed to get this project off the ground. I know it’s been a long time dream of yours to have more water spigots at the farm — congratulations for making that dream come true!

Here are pictures from Saturday, enjoy!!

Kids keep horses SAFE too!

Over the past few months, SAFE has been helped by some pretty amazing kids who have used their talents and effort to help horses in need. We’d like to share their stories with you for two reasons: one, because it feels good, and two, to inspire others looking for creative ways to make a difference for horses in our community and beyond!

Alex O

Alex chats with auctioneer Geoff Young at Heart
Alex chats with auctioneer Geoff Young at Heart

Alex is a second grader who took an after-school creative writing class and wrote and illustrated a book entitled Isabelle and Brownie Go Around The World. Alex and her parents decided it would be fun to publish her book on and offer it for sale, but it was Alex who made the decision as to what to do with the proceeds from the book sales: she wanted to donate the money to charity. The charity she selected was SAFE! Last month, Alex visited SAFE Harbor Stables and presented us with a check for $350. She also donated two signed copies of her book to Heart of the Horse, which raised another $875 for the SAFE horses! But our favorite thing of all was what Alex wrote on the copy of Isabelle and Brownie Go Around The World that she presented to the SAFE Board of Directors:

“SAFE — Thank you for all you do for the horses. When I grow up I want to work here. — Love, Alex 1/12/2014”

Isabelle and Brownie Go Around The World is available online at Proceeds benefit Save a Forgotten Equine. Thank you, Alex!

Sage and her mom at Heart (inset: Sage's donation)
Sage and her mom at Heart (inset: Sage’s donation)

Sage Y

Sage and her mom Kim have been volunteering with SAFE for several years now, and one of their favorite duties is handling the mini horses Sunny & Shasta at the start of Heart of the Horse every year. But this year, Sage decided she wanted to do something more for the event, so she took a discarded horse shoe from SAFE Harbor Stables, and with her own money, purchased beads and wire and turned it into a work of art! She even wrote a short poem to go with the horse shoe. This lovely jeweled horse shoe was offered during the Silent Auction at this year’s Heart of the Horse, and it sold for $70! We were so proud to offer such a gorgeous item at our auction, and we think that the winner is very lucky to have it! Thank you Sage!

Tate C

Tate selling calendars at the Holiday Open House
Tate selling calendars at the Holiday Open House

Tate is another talented artist on-the-rise, and she used her amazing artistic ability to create the twelve drawings that adorn her 2014 Calendar. Tate created her calendar to benefit two charities that are meaningful to her: SAFE and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Tate sold her calendars online at her website, She also came to our Holiday Open House and sold calendars from the terrific little booth that she and her family made. Tate raised just shy of $900 with her calendar, so the SAFE horses received a check for $448.96! I have Tate’s calendar on my wall and it reminds me every day of her generous spirit! Thank you Tate!

Adie makes a new friend at SAFE
Adie makes a new friend at SAFE

Adie S

Adie did something very special for our SAFE horses. This year for her birthday, instead of asking for presents, she asked her friends to bring money to donate to SAFE. Adie’s generosity and selflessness is inspiring. When Terry asked her if there a specific horse she wanted the money to go towards she said no, she loves them all. With kids like this growing up to care for animals in need our future looks very bright! Thank you, Adie (and mom Gina) for being such great friends to the SAFE horses.

Donation in memory of Generally a Brat

SAFE received a $100 donation from Jenn and Debbie H in memory of a horse named Generally A Brat, who passed away recently at the age of 23. I contacted his owner about this donation, and she had this to say about Brat:

Generally A Brat
Generally A Brat
Brat was my once in a lifetime horse. I purchased him in 1992 as a four year old, he was 23 when he passed away. The two of us learned how to jump together, and virtually won everything we set out to win. He was a registered quarter horse and competed at the AQHA World Show on many occasions always in the ribbons. I also showed him on the open hunter/jumper circuit winning several division championships together. I retired him from the show ring at the age of 16 because he had earned his AQHA Performance Championship which is a lifetime achievement award.

He took all the new horses and riders on trail rides when they were too nervous to do it on their own. He taught a little girl with severe diabetes how to ride and gain confidence around horses. He was a fabulous athlete, good looking and had the biggest, kindest heart of any horse I have ever known. I currently have a mare and two of her babies I have raised, but there will never be another Brat.

It was very nice of Jenn and Deb to donate to your organization on his behalf. It is like Brat to help other horses even in his passing.

Yours, Keli Covin, Five C Farms

Thank you to Jenn and Debbie for this donation, and to Keli for sharing Brat’s story. Rest in Peace, Brat.

Sue’s Birthday Party

This is Sue, a beautiful and much-loved equine, who recently celebrated her 25th birthday. Her best friend Leah, threw her a birthday party with a unique theme — instead of gifts for Sue, Sue asked for donations for SAFE.

Here is a letter that Sue wrote to her friends:

Oh, what a birthday celebration I had! This is Sue, the talking horse here. You know, the one having to stand still while Leah’s friend Darlene is taking my picture, while I’m wearing this stupid party hat and the neighborhood is driving by staring at me standing next to this giant inflatible birthday cake. Geesh. What I will do for Leah and her goofy ideas.

BUT I liked this idea for my horse friends and I truly THANK YOU for all the wonderful gifts and cards! Can you believe it? You all donated 9 bags of feed, over 20 kinds of blankets including coolers. There are hoof picks, brushes, bathing brushes, combs, shampoos, rubber bands for braiding manes and tails, halters, a lead rope, saddle pads, sleezies, grain bowls and buckets, vitamins, MSM and a very fashionable tail bag! The volunteers even got a bag of candy…. minus two pieces of chocolate that Leah ate. You also donated $450.00 that can buy hay! WOW!

Leah and her friend Nona delivered all the loot today to SAFE and they were sooooo pleased and surprised by how much there was. It all should be put to good use easily.

SAFE is in Monroe on 15 acres. They have just added some new shelters and paddocks. The horses have a whole lot of room to enjoy pasture life. There is even a covered arena. SAFE is truly a nice place to be happy, healthy and horse-around! Look up SAFE on their website and see for yourself what good things these volunteers, who are dedicated to horses are doing.

Leah and I thank you so, so much for helping these horses or whichever cause you might volunteer for or send your donations. What great humans you all are!!

Love Sue

Percila’s Fundraising Trail Ride

In her own words:

My name is Percila D, I’m fifteen years old and I have been riding horses for nine years. I did a school project for community service. I wanted to donate to your charity because of the fact that all the money goes into taking care of the horses and the workers there are completely voluntary. For my project, I organized a fundraising trail ride at Pony Tail Ranch in Renton WA. The cost to ride was $25 and you were asked to raise more money if you could. Counting me, fifteen people rode on the trail ride. All together, we raised $405 for SAFE. I hope this donation will go far in the rescuing and rehabiliation of the horses.

Just Horsin’ Around Benefit Show

The Just Horsin’ Around 4-H club of Snohomish County WA put on a gaming show as a fundraiser and donated half the proceeds to SAFE. Their efforts raised a total $369.41. The club invited us to put up a booth at the show. SAFE Volunteer Coordinator Jeannette, who manned the booth during the morning, reports, "The response to SAFE and our horses was really great and the kids asked some really great questions.I see that the public awareness and education is still a vital mission for us. I had a few folks (yes, even horse folks) who didn’t know what a "feedlot" was and it’s obvious that there are horse people out there who take care of their horses and are not aware that there are some people who just don’t keep up with feeding, vetting & safety. Not everyone out there today was unaware, in fact I am PLEASED to see that it was the kids of this 4H group who chose to help neglected horses There’s hope out there….maybe someday we’ll reach everyone with the message that Horses need to be properly cared for and we must look out for all horses, not just our own! I’m so happy we/I got the opportunity to get out there and meet the Just Horsin’ Around 4H kids & their supporters!! You 4H’ers ROCK…..THANK YOU!!!!!"

Audrey’s Lemonade Stand

Audrey is only 7 years old, and this was her idea and something she did all on her own. As part of the Pink Lemonade Brigrade, a giving program sponsored by Crayola, she set up her lemonade stand outside the Queen Anne Starbucks to raise money for SAFE! She designed a booth featuring photos of SAFE horses past and present Not only did she sell ALL her lemonade, but she also got some donations. Audrey raised a total of $201.69 for SAFE. Audrey visted the SAFE farm to present her donation, and had the chance to meet SAFE horses Phoenix and Sinatra.

Save a Species International

In April 2008, we received the following letter in the mail:

Dear SAFE,
SASI, Save a Species International, is dedicated to helping endangered or neglected animals. SASI is run by a group of students who meet monthly to choose and support a non-profit organization the improves the lives of animals in some way.
This month, at our very first meeting, our group voted to send our donations to you at SAFE to help support your work rescuing horses. Our club learned about SAFE from several recent newspaper articles. We hope that our donation will help SAFE in its efforts to help these abandoned and abused horses.
Keep up the good work!
Maya, Sam, Hanna, Ethan, Shelby, Janine and Rani

Enclosed was a donation of $70, with a form for matching funds from Microsoft for $35. To the members of Save a Species Internation, we salute your dedication and love of animals!

Maddie’s Birthday Gift to SAFE

Inspired by her good friends, Tayor and Morgan, Maddie decided to ask for, and donate HER Birthday money to SAFE’s rescue horses!!! All three girls, along with a few friends, came to the first SAFE Benefit Horse Show to present Maddie’s gift, and meet some of the SAFE horses. Maddie made friends with SAFE horse Buckie, who did his part in thanking Maddie for her generosity and caring.