Some miles from SAFE, nestled on a little slice of paradise, Chip and Dale continue to thrive at their foster home. These two sweet boys spend their days cavorting around their dry lots, luxuriating (under careful supervision) on green grass, and being doted upon by foster mom Laura.

Dale has a mane that could rival any lion’s, a truly disproportionate amount of hair for his tiny frame. It is almost a necessity that it stay braided — you might lose the horse beneath all that hair.  Luckily, Laura has some very sweet young neighbors who she has enlisted to help with the care and keeping of his luscious locks.

Chip has made major strides in his hoof recovery; from casts to cushioned boots, the little guy dealt with a lot. But a major milestone was recently reached — Dr. King of Pilchuck, hoof specialist extraordinaire, determined that Chip had reached a point where he could be trimmed by a ‘normal’ farrier going forward. This is phenomenal news for Chip, who’s initial outlook was not hugely optimistic.

We are certainly very grateful for Laura’s continued care of these two littles, and we are always delighted to hear updates on how they are continuing to flourish.