Corona is a coming 10 year old bay Reg. TB gelding (registered name “Triple Copy”), 17h who was surrendered by his owner to a private individual who then surrendered him to SAFE.  As we understand the situation, the owner had fallen on hard times and the horse has an injury to his penis she could not afford to treat.  She had advertised him on Craiglist as a free horse, and when a private individual contacted the owner about the horse, she freely admitted the horse was in very poor condition and required care she could not afford to provide.  The private individual contacted several rescues, and we agreed to take the horse and Dr. Hannah Evergreen and Northwest Equine Stewardship Center has agreed to take him into her rehab facility and provide the care for his injury.

We’ve been told that 3 years ago this horse was winning shows all over Canada in the A‑Circuit 3′6″ Jumper division and has extensive training.  The cause of the penis injury is unknown, at first she mentioned the vet speculated that it was due to a protein deficiency, but then she mentioned that there might have been a kick and there are stitches visible.  A vet has seen the horse recently (it seems that this may have been prompted by Animal Control who was on the property recently but as the other 3 horses on the property were in good shape and were getting fed did not take further action), and we will be contacting this vet to get more information about the injury and treatment that has been provided.   The penis is very swollen and oozing and he does seem to have trouble urinating, only able to squeeze out a thin stream of urine which seems to cause him some pain.

Other than the penis injury, the horse is also extremely thin, with a Body Condition score of, to my best guess (the vet will confirm), around a 2–2.5.  His feet are atrocious, low heels, horrible long flared and dishy feet with big chips in them.  He has one minor injury that looks fairly old to his right front heel bulb that has some proud flesh, but other than that his legs are visually clean and he appears sound despite the poor feet.   He looks like he has had chronic diarrhea for a while as it is caked on his hind legs and in his tail.  He has a small amount of rain rot but not bad and was wearing a (much too small, size 75!) blanket.  I also suspect lice as he was very itchy, did not see any but did not spend too much time looking as he will probably get lice dusted as a precaution anyway.  He loaded and hauled really well, has extremely good manners despite being nervous in a new place, and he seems very sweet.