Oh Darla! Our little accident prone darling. When making a round after their morning chore shift, two of our eagle-eyed volunteers spotted Darla’s pretty white head with an alarming stroke of red on it. Upon further inspection, it was revealed that miss Darla had opened up a little gash on her forehead – not tremendously large, around 3 inches, but deep enough that a call to our vet was warranted. 

So call the vet we did, and she was quick on the scene. Part of Darla’s wound was full thickness, which meant that the cut extended through the dermis and epidermis into the lower levels. This in turn meant that she would need several stitches. After some light sedation and a healthy bit of lidocaine injected around the area, Dr. Lewis got to work stitching Darla up. 

The placement of her wound, smack dab in the middle of her forehead, made it seem as though she was really just a unicorn, reminding us where the horn used to be.