Kaya has the following to say about her time spent recently with Darla:

After struggling with her hoof injury for the last several months, Darla is sound and ready to get back to work! It seems she has used the time off to think about what she was working on before the injury. She’s less touchy about her hind end than when we first got her and quicker to relax and let down. 

Darla’s past has left her with braces in her body and nervous when energy is increased around her. It will take some time and care to help her free up her feet to feel unstuck and  comfortable when she feels pressure increase. We’ll be working her on building her strength and begin saddling her again in the weeks ahead. She had a few rides put on her last November and hope over the Spring we can begin riding her and offer her for adoption as a riding horse this summer.

Pretty much everyone agrees, Darla is a special lady. It is fascinating watching her break through her braces and let down. She has a ton of try and with time and patience, we have hope that she will make it as a riding horse.