Darla is ready for her forever person to take her home! This sweet mare has so much try and she is so fun to ride. Darla has come a long ways since she was surrendered to SAFE; from hardly halterable, to confidently rideable. While Darla can still be nervous at times and takes a confident rider to help her relax, she’s proving that she is getting more and more comfortable and will be suitable for an intermediate rider. Darla has shown that she is comfortable moving at all three gaits on a loose rein and has a good foundation of lateral movements, so she is starting to work on some more advanced movements, like carrying a soft feel in a canter and leg yielding.

Darla does well in a herd and is often toward the bottom of the pack. Currently, Darla is in a herd with three other mares and prefers to spend her time with her best friend, Tiva. Every once in a while, Darla decides its time to run and play and she can really take off when she wants to! Most of the time though, Darla just loves to nap with her buddies. It has taken some work, but Darla has gotten much better about her hind feet being picked up and now stands quite well for the farrier, though she will need continued work to ensure that this maintains. Darla is learning to stand tied and is doing well with this understanding.