It has certainly been a lengthy recovery process, but the end is finally in sight for our dear Darla. Since her abscess finally ported (in not one, not two, but three places: her coronet band, her heel bulbs, and her white line) back in early January, we have been carefully tending to her foot each day to ensure it continues to heal. And it has paid off! During her most recent visit with our vet, Darla was evaluated as being sound at the walk and healing up quite well. The most important thing during this final stretch is to ensure that the port areas are kept clean, which we have been doing through a combination of duct tape boots, iodine solution, and, most recently, a diaper “sock” that Darla wears inside a trail boot. Gone are the days of deeply bedded stall rest – Darla now gets a daily turnout with her “shoes on,” where she moves around quite comfortably.

Darla has been a wonderful, patient patient during this entire process, even during the periods when she was at her highest levels of discomfort. She seemed to really enjoy her ‘pedicures’ – the epsom salt soaks we were administering multiple times a week – standing still as a statue for the entire duration, even lowering her head and adopting a relaxed, sleepy expression. 

Our vet gave Darla the all clear to go back to work after her next trim with our farrier, and we look forward to getting back to work on the road to adoption for this special girl!