Deeds is popular with all the ladies at Frontier Training Stables. ;)

Deeds got a visit on Thursday from Mr and Mrs Kea’s Crest. I wanted to introduce him to them because they are interested in a horse that Mrs KC can ride. I told them about Deeds, and how I thought he’d make a suitable candidate, so we drove over to the boarding barn to see him.

Deeds ended up making me look very foolish. Either that or he really objects to being called a “pretty Quiet horse.”

First off, I took Deeds into the little covered arena so he could roll. He immediately started trotting around, and then he made a sudden move towards the corner of the arena nearest the gate to the pasture. I am fairly certain that he was thinking about jumping out. Scared the beejeesus out of me! So I turned him out in the pasture, which is what I normally do when I am cleaning his stall. “Normally” he’ll trot away from me and stop after about 15 feet and start grazing. Like you’d expect from a “pretty Quiet horse.” Not this time. This time he took off at a full gallop and proceeded to show us all his racehorse moves. He sprinted back and forth across the pasture, bucking for joy…much to the delight of Mr and Mrs KC, who clapped and cheered at his display of athleticism. The cheering and clapping seemed to inspire him to dig a little deeper for that extra gear (as they say in racehorse stories) and he just flew. It was so beautiful.

As I said, Mr and Mrs Kea’s Crest were quite in awe of his performance and his athletic ability. But Mrs KC did turn to me at one point and tell me, quite politely, that he might be a little too much horse for her. I had to tell Deeds at one point, “This is no way to get yourself adopted!” ;D

And from Mr. and Mrs. Kea’s Crest:


Thank you again Jaybird for so generously spending time with us while we visited the horses. You have a wonderful place you kindly share with horses in need and a huge heart for giving all that you do.

Dont feel bad about Deeds “out-performing the sales brochure.” He was spectacular! I’m sure our whistling and clapping; egging him on, bumped him up a notch. He just looked like he was having so much fun. Maybe it was just me but I’m pretty sure I heard him humming “I’m Popeye the Sailor Man!!”…. ;)

He was probably just feeling cooped up after being in the paddock all morning watching it rain and just needed to blow off some of that “spinach” steam. He is such a handsome boy, I just love thoroughbreds. He is clearly well trained but he is just a bit more horse than my wife is ready for. Although we have several years taking care of older retired horses, my wife is just a beginning rider. Both my wife and Deeds are impressive individuals but just not quite the right fit at the right time for each other.

We did enjoy spending time with him and hope the “right fit” person comes along very soon. :)