Delilah is coming along beautifully in her training and is going walk/trot/canter under saddle. Today we put shoes on her as she has been a little footsore ever since the ground was frozen. She immediately was moving much more comfortably. The trainer called me today and said that her and her mother (who owns the farm) have really taken a liking to Delilah and think that she might be a good match for a couple of her students as a potential adoption. They wanted to offer Delilah another month of free training and 1/2 off the board, so that they could get Delilah a little further along in her training and give her students a chance to ride her in lessons. We were of course thrilled with the offer! Delilah will therefore be staying at Half-Trak Farm in Stanwood at least another month, but we are currently accepting applications for her! Her adoption fee is $1000.