Dexter was seized by Skagit County Animal Control in April 2009 due to neglect and starvation. At that time he weighed 698 lbs and had a BCS of 1.5. Despite his emaciated state, he had shoes on and was being ridden by his owner.

Skagit County Animal Control officers placed Dexter into foster care where he gained weight and recovered from his neglect.

In December 2009, Skagit County Animal Control officer Emily Diaz requested SAFE’s assistance with both Dexter and another seized gelding, Baxter, and since we had space available, we agreed to take both geldings.

We met Emily Diaz at the Skagit County Fairgrounds to pick up the two horses. When we arrived, Dexter was alone at the fairgrounds and was very happy to see us. He seemed relaxed, easy going and friendly. He loaded very willingly into the trailer, unloaded just as easily, and settled right into his new paddock at SAFE in Monroe.

We were told that Dexter was not even three years old, but later determined his age to be closer to 5.