Update from Sara Hall:

I have a good news/bad news update with Dexter. 

The bad news is that we were not as prepared as we should have been for the show and Dexter was super amped up/anxious in the show environment. Ultimately I decided to scratch my afternoon of riding classes. I was terribly disapointed with this outcome because a few people expressed interest in him and I would haved loved for them to be able to watch him go under sadle. He did take 5th in the Halter, stock type, in the morning. 

I was anxious about riding him again after the show- worried that perhaps the out of sorts behavior I saw at the show, might have followed him home. Instead, we had the best ride we’ve had so far. He was focused and obedient. Not a hint of herdboundess, ring sourness or stuborness tonight. Yay!