Update from Sara Hall:

I rode Dexter for the 4th time today and took my second lesson with Andrea. Each ride is better with him. He’s *starting* to understand bending and stearing. We got the left lead canter 3 or 4 times in a row today and ended on a good note, when he completed a full circuit of the arean without breaking gait or swapping leads on me.

As I’m getting to know him better I can see that he does have an opinionated and stubborn side of him- though he’s not very committed about it. For example, today while I was leading him away from the pasture he grew roots and decided he wasn’t moving. I encouraged him a couple of times, got no results, swatted him with the lead rope, and then we proceeded as normal. Although he’s calm, sweet and generally easy & agreeable- he definitely will require handling by someone willing to insist he does it their way, every time.