Once again Dexter was pending adoption but unfortunately things did not work out. He seems to have developed some very concerning bad habits at his last two foster/adoptive homes. He is continuing to test fences and is showing aggression towards other horses, and he has also started being very naughty on the ground — nipping, rearing and striking. This is of course very surprising and disturbing to us at SAFE as he was always a gentleman when he was with us. I suspect that the fence issues came about when he learned at his first adoptive home that he could get out of fences, and the behavior problems came about at his second foster home that were really novice about handling horses and he must have been allowed to get away with naughty behavior that has now gotten out of control. Unfortunately it was not something his pending adopter was able to deal with, so he was once again returned to SAFE on Saturday. We will be working with him and trying to figure out what is going on with him before offering him again for adoption.