Dexter was adopted in late January but unfortunately, things are not working out with his adoptive home. His adopter lives on a property that is right by a busy highway. Their fencing is safe but not electric and for some reason Dexter has been repeatedly trying to get out. He cut his face open resulting in a big vet bill (he’s fine now) and has damaged several metal panels. He has horses next to him and she even tried putting another horse with him but he just keeps trying to get out. It’s strange, as he never tested the fencing here at all, but we have mostly hot wire and he respects that, so he may just need to be kept in electric fence of some type.

On a positive note, they have been riding him on trails 3–4 times a week and he’s been absolutely great to ride. If you missed out on Dexter before, now is your chance to own a great family horse!! He’s being moved temporarily to a friend’s house up in the Arlington/Stanwood area so please email me if you are interested in seeing him. His adoption fee will once again be $600.