Angela met Dolly only two weeks after her arrival at SAFE and immediately fell in love with her kind disposition. Dolly, now named Rose, remained in our care while we continued to brush up on her horsemanship skills. In September, Angela attended the groundwork clinic with Joel Connor, laying a foundation for the future and strengthening their bond together. At the end of the weekend, Dolly headed to her new home, loaded like a pro, settled in quickly and looks gorgeous in her sunset selfies.
Dolly was only at SAFE for 2 months! With the average SAFE horse being in our care for 18 months, we are certainly thrilled when we find a horse a home that quickly. Thanks to Pierce County Animal Control for their initial care for Dolly and her friend, Pomme. Upon their intakes, both were thin and pointy, infested with lice and in desperate need of basic horse care. The initial work done by Animal Control and their volunteers made the two almost unrecognizable when they came to SAFE a few months later. Because of their hard work, we were able to get both horses seen by adopters quickly and with of their sweet dispositions, they were snatched in record time.