This year, SAFE is honored to be the recipient of a grant from the Marion and Richard Graham Foundation, an organization created with the overall goal of preventing cruelty to animals and enhancing their lives. Marion and Richard Grant support small nonprofits who already have the infrastructure in place to help animals, but would benefit from additional financial support. SAFE was approached by the Foundation after they learned about our Community Outreach Program, which lets us provide assistance to horses and horse owners in our area, even when we don’t have the capacity to bring more horses into our rescue.

When Marion and Richard Grant expressed an interest in funding one of SAFE’s outreach programs, we gave a lot of thought to how they could have the greatest impact on horse welfare in Washington state. Our gelding program seemed to be a great fit, because not only does gelding (ie. castration of male horses) put a stop unwanted breeding, it also enhances quality of life for every stallion that is transformed into a happy gelding. Overbreeding is probably the number one reason that horse rescues like SAFE exist. Poor decisions in regard to breeding result in unwanted horses, many of whom end up in the already overflowing rescue pipeline. For years, SAFE has had a no-questions asked policy for stallion owners who need assistance paying for gelding surgery. For us, it’s worth the expense if it means fewer unwanted horses.

With the help of the Marion and Richard Grant Foundation, SAFE will provide $500 gelding vouchers to twenty stallion owners who request assistance. The money will be paid directly to the veterinarians doing the procedure. Stallion owners can schedule appointments with their local vets, eliminating the need for travel, and also making it possible for their trusted vets to oversee the surgery and the recovery period. Veterinarians are likely to require that stallions be halter started, and that they receive a tetanus shot prior to the procedure, though these requirements might vary.

To apply for a gelding voucher, please fill out the application located here.

Thank you so much to the Marion and Richard Grant Foundation for providing this incredible support to help horses in Washington state!