Amira has been with us for 10 days now and so far, we really like this sweet, friendly mare! She’ll be quarantined for about another week, and then we can really start getting to know her. For right now, we mostly interact with her when her paddock is being cleaned, and she likes to follow the volunteers around when they’re there. We are still very hopeful that Amira is a kids horse as we were told. This weekend, she met a little girl and gently and carefully allowed herself to be led around by her. It was pretty adorable.

We are a little concerned about her RF foot…she seems to be resting it quite a lot. Could be she has an abcess brewing, causing her discomfort. We’ll have our vet take a look at it when he comes out to float her teeth.

We also couldn’t help but notice that Amira has a line of white fur just below her crest on the left side of her neck. Could this be a mustang brand? It’s hard to tell right now, with her scruffy starvation coat, but maybe we’ll be able to make it out better when she sheds out in the spring.

Here are some photos that Jessica Farren took of Amira shortly after her arrival at SAFE: