We are so excited to announce that Ginger is off to a foster home and training with Kim Lacy, owner and trainer at Hidden Falls Farm in Arlington. This little mare has a special place in our hearts and by luck we found an amazing opportunity for her.

Kim Lacy is a very experienced and accomplished rider who has been looking for a way to get involved with helping rescue horses. On a visit to her beautiful farm a few weeks ago, I mentioned that Ginger was the perfect horse for Kim’s sensitive training and it would be great for Ginger to work with someone well established in the Arabian community.

Kim has trained and competed in Grand Prix dressage and received her USDF bronze, silver, and gold medals. She is also a bronze and silver bar recipient and has won numerous national and regional awards training level through FEI on several different horses of many breeds.

Being a very sensitive mare, Ginger is still very fearful when faced with new things…but her anxiety is quite understandable when you consider how little she was handled before coming to SAFE. We understand that she need slow, careful, patient handling, and will have to have a solid foundation in ground work before we can even think about riding her. In an act of graciousness, Kim has offered to foster Ginger and donate her training to get her started. This is a wonderful gift to both Ginger and SAFE.

Kim has a very patient and systematic approach to training and that’s why we know this is a match made in heaven for our sweet girl. We will keep you up to date with progress reports. But for now she is settling in to her new surroundings.  This message was sent to us from Kim to us earlier today: “Ginger is home! She is nervous but doing well. What a cutie! We are so happy to have her!”

You can read more about Kim Lacy on her website at hiddenfallsfarm.net