Ginger came to us with a tail that was best described as a “baseball bat” — a thick solid tangled mass, unlike anything any of us have ever seen before. Valiant efforts were made to save as much of it as possible, but in the end, a large section of the tail could only be removed using scissors. Poor Ginger lost 16″ of solidly matted hair that would not respond to products or soaking or any other patient attempts at detangling it. Fortunately she can now swish her tail without fear of knocking herself out, but she’s going to look a little bit funny until more of it grows back.

If that wasn’t sad enough, Ginger’s mane is not looking too great either. We’re not sure if she’s just rubbed out large sections of it, or if she has some kind of underlying skin problem, but she’s getting the help she needs there too.

Ginger has a message for all you horse owners out there: “Proper grooming is important if you want your horse to be happy and comfortable! If you don’t enjoy washing and conditioning and carefully brushing out your horse’s tail on a regular basis, please find someone who will! Small girls are especially fond of this task, try one of them!”

Thank you, Ginger!

Ginger's tail BEFORE

Ginger’s tail BEFORE


Ginger's tail AFTER

Ginger’s tail AFTER

16" of solid mat

16″ of solid mat