When Oscar was returned to SAFE in December, it took nearly two hours to load him into the trailer. As Terry remarked not long after meeting him for the first time, getting the respect of this feisty little gelding would be her first priority. “He is very sweet on the ground,” Terry commented, “but when pushed to do what isn’t his choice the old stallion ego is just under the surface. On top of being spoiled at the last home we will be taking some time relearning that I am boss. He will get it, he is a smart boy.”

Terry was not wrong about that! Look at what she’s been able to accomplish using groundwork techniques to reshape Oscar’s outlook on the world:

Not only are we super pleased with Oscar’s willingness to load into the trailer, we couldn’t be prouder of our wonderful trainer, Terry Phelps, and the amazing work she is doing with Oscar and all of the horses at Safe Harbor. Her kind and patient handling is paying off with horses like Oscar.