Nala, Misty, and Karma competed at the Hollywood Hills English/Western Schooling show this weekend, and all three girls were amazing!

Nala won the English Walk/Trot Reserve High Point for our age division at her very first show!! She earned that award with a first place ribbon and a few seconds! Nala ended her day by placing 7th out of 15 horses in the Western Pleasure class in the afternoon. At the end of the day, everyone agreed that this little mare would make a perfect 4‑H horse for someone special! She really made us proud.

Misty and Karma did great too. Karma had a lot of deal with at her first show but she learned to relax, which is very positive. Casey did a perfect job supporting her and helping her find peace. Misty was a tough cookie today but Ardelle did a beautiful job with her and the two did some lovely work together.

The people at the Hollywood Hills Saddle Club were SO nice, and they made lots of announcements to the crowd about the SAFE horses, letting everyone know that the three girls were available for adoption! All and all, it was an amazing day.

BIG THANK YOU to Heather, Casey, Ardelle, Lisa, Sara, Jessica, and Erika for helping prep for the show and bring the horses looking all fancy today for everyone to see.

Here are just a few photos from the day, we hope to add more soon!