Poor Honeycutt stepped on a nail somewhere in his pasture and ended up with an icky wound in his heel bulb. He was an amazingly good boy through this ordeal, including a trip to the vet hospital — he hopped right in the trailer without a fuss.

He had to endure 4 days of shots (penicillin), 12 days of twice-daily oral medication (SMZs, yuck!) and 3 weeks of daily bandage changes and a Davis boot. And I cannot even begin to stress how great he was for all of this.

In fact, I had lots of occasion to appreciate Honeycutt during his recovery from his owie. You all know that he’s an uncontrollable bucker who is very skittish and very scared of people. But have I ever told you how GENTLE he is? He’s so amazing. I could walk into his paddock every day carrying a syringe of SMZs and halter him with one hand. He didn’t like his medicine but he would stand politely for me while I forced it down his throat. Same with irrigating his wound — it hurt but he let me do it. And he never kicked, pulled away, pushed me over, stepped on me, anything! His biggest rebellion was to refuse to lift his foot for me, and even that was done carefully and gently. He never pulls or rushes while being led; he never crowds you, even if you’re holding a scoop of grain. He is just so amazingly gentle.

He’s such a good boy.