Honeycutt waits

I am patient

Mom came out a little while ago and put my face harness on. Then her phone rang and so she needed me to stand patiently and wait until she was done with her phone call. See how I did?———–>

Mom said we have to practice. I never practice, but she seemed to think it was important. What we practiced was being a show horse at a horse show. When Mom walked forward, I walked forward. When Mom stopped, I stopped. When Mom asked me to stand, I stood like a big red statue. When Mom asked me to trot, I thought she’d gone crazy. I had to walk really fast to keep up with my end of the rope, because she was running at her end of the rope! She ran backwards and said Trot, Honeycutt, Trot! I pretended I didn’t understand and just walked really really fast until she got tired. Then we did it again, and this time I couldn’t walk fast enough so I trotted after her. She said GOOD BOY, HONEYCUTT, GOOD BOY and that means I did the right thing! Then I knew what the thing was that she wanted me to do. We did it two more times, and she said GOOD BOY, HONEYCUTT, GOOD BOY and then she took off my face harness and that means I was a really good boy and don’t have to practice any more. Now I am a show horse. Will you come see me at the horse show?