Scraping my Feet

Scraping my Feet

The man who scrapes my feet came this week. He’s a very nice man who never tries to sit on me, but sometimes we play a game. He takes my foot and pulls it to the front and then I try to take it back. The scraping man does not like to lose this game, and when I win too many times, my mom says Honeycutt, knock it off and that means stop playing the game. Then I let him keep my foot because I am a good boy and anyway he always give my foot back after he finishes scraping it. When my feet are all scraped, I can run twice as fast and jump over small trees and touch the sky with my hooves when I buck. I have three white hooves and one black hoove. I am very handsome.

Mostly I’ve been thinking a lot and not writing, but that’s because my mom has been very busy trying to earn money for SAFE and doesn’t have time to help me with my blog. So I have thought of a way that I can earn money for SAFE and when I told her about it, she was very happy and hugged my neck. (I let her hug my neck because she is very fond of me.) I could tell you how I am going to earn money for SAFE but I think I would rather have a SECRET. I have a lot of secrets that are bad (like “What are you so afraid of?) so I am very happy to have a happy secret now. I will tell you my happy secret very soon, and then I will earn money for SAFE.