Jay likes to take his food outside. He gets his food in his nice stall, but he likes to push it outside with his nose and eat it out there. Mom says, Jay! Don’t take your food outside! But Jay just looks at her like he doesn’t understand and then does it anyway. Jay is lucky that Mom loves him so much because something she doesn’t love is hay getting wasted.


So when I go around the barn and reach my head through the fence and eat Jay’s hay, I’m not greedy, I’m helpful! Jay makes a mean face if I try to taste his grain, but he doesn’t really care if I help him eat his hay. Jay is a horse that never was a rescue horse. People have always been nice to him and taken care of him because he’s handsome and funny. So Jay doesn’t understand what it’s like to not have enough food to eat. He doesn’t understand that eating is a serious thing that must be taken seriously! So when breakfast comes, I eat my hay for a while until Jay has time to take his hay outside, then I go around the barn and reach my head through the fence and eat Jay’s hay. Then when Jay’s hay is gone, I go back around the barn and finish my own hay. That way I get two hays. Mom says, Honeycutt! You’re as fat as a tick! Mom says, Jay! Don’t take your food outside! I want to say, Sorry Mom, but once there was no food, and now there is food but some day there might not be food and so I have to eat all the food that I can while I can. I am a rescue horse, and I probably will always worry about no food.

One thing is true and that is I have a nice place to live. There are nice stalls to go inside and nice houses to stand in when it’s too rainy or too sunny.  The other SAFE horses have nice places to live too, but there are new SAFE horses coming and they need nice houses to stand in too! So the SAFE people are going to have to build a couple new houses for the new SAFE horses.

For new houses, the SAFE people need a thing called a PLY Wood. A PLY Wood is a big flat thing that is very good for making houses for horses. So would you want to help us buy a PLY Wood? One PLY Wood costs $20 and we need many PLY Woods to build new houses for horses. If you bought us one PLY Wood, I would be so happy that I wouldn’t try to eat any of your hay! Won’t you please buy us one PLY Wood?

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If you like buying a PLY Wood, maybe you would like to help build horse houses too? There will be a thing called a Work Party at SAFE in Monroe on September 17. If you want to come build horse houses, contact Debi at volunteer@safehorses.org!