Picture painted by Honeycutt

Picture painted by Honeycutt

I made a promise and that was that when 50 people sign up for my mom’s party I would show you my picture. There are 48 people signed up for the party and horses always round up so that makes 50. This is the picture that I painted that is going to be in the auction at the party. I painted it all myself. Here’s a picture of the picture that I painted!———->

If you say “Honeycutt, won’t you be sad when someone buys your painting?” I will say I won’t be sad because after I painted my picture, mom took it away and I never saw it again. Someday I will paint another picture and mom can take that one away too. I’m a horse and even though I can paint a picture, I still don’t understand why anyone wants to look at one.

Things have been different at my home. There was a girl who came to visit me and she did many things. She picked up poop and she brushed me and picked my hooves up and put on my face harness. Then we practiced being a show horse and she was very happy because I was smart and I walked with her without my rope! Then my mom and the girl sprayed my with the hose and made me look like a show horse, which means I got very clean. This is called bath, and bath is bad because mom sprayed my ear!  She said Sorry, Honeycutt, Sorry! but I had to point my ear at the ground until it felt better. Sorry helped a little bit but pointing my ear at the ground helped more. Then bath was over and was the brightest, reddest, softest horse in the whole world, so maybe bath is not bad. Mom will be more careful next time.

So now I am these things:

  • Red Horse
  • Shiny Horse
  • Poet
  • Painter
  • Show Horse
  • Horse with two special friends

My two special friends are the girl who is Bree and my other friend who is Holly. Holly is coming from very far away to see me at the SAFE Show. She will make sure that I am not afraid which is a very nice thing to be.