Jewel ready for some more spa treatment!You can probably imagine my response to the call that Jewel had been injured.  At first I was worried that she was hurt, then hearing the treatment plan I was quickly thinking: oh no what are we going to have on our hands?!?   I am very pleased to report that she has been a little angel in her stall.  She is more of a cuddle bunny than ever before and very very happy to see everyone.  You really can’t help stopping to say hi when you hear that soft knicker behind the stall door.  She is quiet and calm all day with the busy barn life going on around her.  I personally think she may be under the impression that she is at a spa.  Deep bedded stall, room service and daily visits from her hair and grooming specialists.  While grooming and braiding her hair, Jewel has a relaxed soft eye.  I’ll have to say she is the absolute cleanest looking horse in the barn!  We did try a few toys hanging in the stall but she really wasn’t too interested in them and she seems very content looking out her window and nibbling from her hay bag.

The area that was lacerated is a hard place to keep from moving.  So she has not been allowed to go out of her stall during this critical healing time.  I am hopeful each time the bandage is changed that the vets will say she is free to go play in the arena.  Although it is healing well, with no signs of proud flesh or infection, it is defiantly taking its time.  Meanwhile we keep giving her lots of special attention and tons of kisses—she is such a doll!Jewel takes a healing nap