from Kaya M.

Alder continues to impress me with how accepting he is of new experiences and learning new things. I think I have been underestimating him! I was a little nervous about the clinic because we’ve never ridden with so many other horses or horses from outside SAFE, but he was a champ! Casey and Fancy helped us both get through a little of those nerves. Alder and I rode up to Fancy and Casey pet him to show him it was okay to approach other horses. This helped us both tremendously and we were able to settle into the class with relative ease. We worked mostly on getting accurate hindquarters and front quarters, and improving our soft feel. By the end of the clinic we had a much smoother turn around and were stopping on two reins with accuracy. I’m so proud of this boy! He’s proven that he is so adaptive and ready to work with whoever is riding him. I’m so excited for his adopter to help him through the next phase of his education and build a partnership with him!