Kat & Susan

Kat & Susan

We’ve said all along that Kat was a one-woman horse. After all, Kat isn’t the type to give her heart away to just anyone. She’s not the sort of girl who has hundreds of casual acquaintances. But she is the sort who is a friend to the end, once she decides to let you into her inner circle. So it’s with great joy and celebration that we announce that Kat has finally found her person! That person is SAFE volunteer Susan Rich, who met Kat while helping out at Safe Harbor and fell in love with our feisty little redheaded mare. Susan is a recent transplant from Virginia who has moved to this area to be closer to family and to finally fulfill her dream of keeping horses at home. Kat will be sharing Susan’s farm with a Quarter Horse gelding named Crimson, who literally flew into town on Thursday to join her at their new home. Susan has been an incredibly dedicated owner to her beloved Crimson, and we are so happy to know that Kat has a home for life where she will always be adored and well cared for. Susan’s getting back into riding after a bit of a hiatus from the saddle, and Kat is the perfect pony to get her back onto the trails. The two of them have been working together under Terry’s guidance, and now that the adoption is finalized, trainer Laura McCorkell will be taking over to help Susan and Kat grow more comfortable with one another. Kat’s been a perfect angel in her lessons so far, and we expect that the two of them are in for a lot of fun this summer, exploring the trails near Susan’s new home. Of course it was sad to say ‘so long’ to Kat, who has been a SAFE horse for a long time…almost two years.  But we are overjoyed to know that this terrific little horse has a wonderful and happy life ahead. It’s what we want for all our horses…we can care for them and love them, but they each deserve a home and person to call their own. This rescue is just a rest stop on a journey to a new and better life…so if you can offer a life to a horse who deserves one, please take a look at the individuals at SAFE who are waiting for you!