King, the Beautiful Riding Horse

King returned from training with Joel Conner recently, and we are so impressed with this black beauty! He’s being ridden on a regular basis by volunteer rider Jolene and doing wonderfully, even on the trails next door. He’s become so gentle and willing. King is ready to move on to a new home, and we don’t expect him to stay around too long, so if you’re interested in this horse, submit an application today to come meet him!

One Response to King, the Beautiful Riding Horse

  1. how old is king?
    I am looking for a solid riding horse that is not too young as I rescued a young Appaloosa Andalusian and have been bucked off twice. I have always followed your rescue and would love to rescue a horse or purchase a horse from a rescue when I ell my beautiful Appaloosa.
    Have been writing for years but I am older now and ready to just enjoy horseback riding not train a horse

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