Logan has left SAFE Harbor Stables and is now residing at one of our very best foster homes where he has a large grassy pasture to enjoy and a wonderful caregiver who takes excellent care of him. A few weeks ago we were very concerned that Logan’s condition was deteriorating, but with the arrival of warmer weather, he seems to have perked up quite a bit and has let us know that he’s still enjoying life, at least for the present. We’re going to keep a very close eye on him to make sure that he continues to be happy and comfortable. We’re also watching him carefully in case there is a recurrence of the tumor that was removed from his rectum last winter.

Logan is receiving hospice care from SAFE, and it is our hope that he can enjoy one last wonderful summer before we let him go. The neglect that Logan suffered at the hands of his previous owner has had a profound effect on his body and his spirit, and while he has regained some degree of health, we are fairly certain that he will never completely recover from the abuse he has endured. So for now, while the good days continue to outnumber the bad, we will shower him with love and give him the best care possible. If he can remain comfortable and happy until the end of summer, that will be a wonderful thing. If he shows us signs that he is ready to go sooner, we are prepared for that possibility as well. Either way, we hope to say goodbye to Logan well before the point where he is at risk of further suffering or discomfort. It’s the least we can do for this noble gentleman.